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Get ready to become the blender!

Samobee Games is thrilled to announce the launch date of Elemental Survivors into Early Access, coming August 25, 2023! There is no embargo on this information or the content of the game.

You know what's cool? Enemy hell games. You know what else is cool? Old-school RPGs. Put them together? It's like a match made in bullet-heaven!

Elemental Survivors combines the best of both, in an auto-attacking, enemy extravaganza complete with unique attacks, powerful equipment, fantastical randomly-generated lands, a train of party members ready to help you with their own attacks and upgrades, god-like summons, and constantly updating content.
Here is a list of just some of the features, upgrades, and unlocks you can expect:

  • A wide variety of attacks to level as you destroy your enemies.
  • Upgradeable equipment to aid you or power up your attacks.
  • Party members who increase your stats or skills, and who have their own specific attacks to make your party a powerhouse!
  • Area bosses to survive and defeat.
  • Gems to earn to purchase more areas with more enemies.
  • Zil to collect in-game to purchase upgrades.
  • Permanent upgrades that will make you even more powerful!
  • Evolutions to attacks! (try to unlock them all!)
  • Minidiscs with a multitude of music to move to while you play, and even more to unlock!
  • Secrets to unlock evolutions, additional minidiscs, and characters.
  • Difficulty settings to challenge you, or allow you to just chill.
  • Accessibility features such as:
    • Manual/auto aim switching.
    • Separate sound effects for: attacks/enemies, music, and menus.
    • Camera buffer (helps to prevent eyesight blurring that some players may experience after playing games like this).
    • Party transparency.
  • Plus more with frequent updates!

Each run will have wave after wave of monsters to vanquish, until the final area boss spawns at the 20 minute mark. Runs will last as long as you can survive until the boss, or you, is defeated!
If you are defeated, don't worry. There are permanent upgrades to purchase to help you get even further in your quest to victory!

Here is just a sampling of the kudos and awards Elemental Survivors has received:
"Wow!" - our daughter
We’re a wife/wife team building games in the chilly North of British Columbia in Canada. We love all things cute and girly! Also available now is Princess Farmer!

Tobey is a cis woman, self-taught programmer, writer, and loves accessible games. She has fibromyalgia and is neurodivergent, and she does her best! Her professional background is in recruitment/administration, including at Disney Club Penguin. The first game she programmed was The Adventures of Super Pickle on her Atari 520ST in Basic when she was 11-years old.

Charlene is a trans woman artist, game designer, story creator, and enthusiastic gamer who loves almost all genres. She is neurodivergent as well. Her professional background includes artist, team leader, producer, and game designer at Disney Club Penguin. Prior to working in games, she was a self-published comic artist.
We are passionate about making games that combine cute and inclusive themes with accessible gameplay.
We also have a 12-year old daughter (also not-too-surprisingly neurodivergent) who is carrying on our passion for games and creating cool things.

Contact and other information:
Tobey Burbidge - Partner/Programmer
Charlene Burbidge - Partner/Game Designer/Artist

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