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Fire Hose Games Announces Techtonica

Announcement Trailer Reveals Sci-fi First-Person Factory Builder, Techtonica

Boston, Massachusetts, March 16, 2022 - Fire Hose Games is pleased to announce its next title, Techtonica.

In Techtonica, players will explore the bioluminescent cavernous depths of an alien planet that orbits no star as they build and optimize their own sprawling, automated factories. 

Armed with only the essentials for resource gathering and basic crafting at first, players will uncover the mysteries of Techtonica as they traverse the sub-surface environment. After discovering and scanning lost artifacts, players will unlock crafting recipes for more tools and factory machines.

Resource gathering and production are made easier and more efficient in Techtonica as players design and construct mining implements, resource extractors and fabricators, and power distribution features that make the construction of a sprawling factory possible. Each addition to the player’s growing catalog of machines and tools will open fresh, challenging factory complexities that present new opportunities for production, automation, and problem-solving.

Accompanying players as they build and optimize their factories amid bioluminescent alien life are original sound effects and soundtrack by Cityfires (20XX, Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered).

Techtonica is available for Wishlist on Steam, and the store page includes additional screenshots and gameplay information. 

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Fire Hose Games Available at GDC 2022 for Comment and Conversation
For press seeking comment and interview opportunities surrounding Techtonica, Fire Hose Games will be on hand at GDC 2022, both in-person and virtually, for a meeting. Please send all requests and questions to Joey Davidson, Marketing Manager at Fire Hose Games, at

Key Links About Techtonica
Techtonica is a first-person, factory building and automation game in a sci-fi setting. Players will explore a vast network of caves beneath the surface of an alien planet as they work alone or with friends to build and optimize complex, automated factories, gather resources, establish a base of operations, and uncover secrets.

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About Fire Hose Games
Founded in 2008 in Boston, Fire Hose Games has developed and co-developed indie hits like Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered, 20XX, and Go Home Dinosaurs. Fire Hose Games is passionate about fun, and the team is committed to crafting innovative, original titles in the genres they love.

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Media Contacts
Joey Davidson - Marketing Manager, Fire Hose Games

Jas Scarfone - Social Media Marketing and Community Manager, Fire Hose Games