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"Dance of Death": Du Lac & Fey" is available on Console Today!

Athurian heroes track down the Ripper

Vila-real, Spain – Friday 27th January 2023: "Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey," from the award-winning and critically acclaimed immersive point-and-click investigation game published by Hidden Trap in partnership with Dolores Entertainment is now available on Xbox One (compatible Serie X), PlayStation 4 (EU&NA - compatible PS5), and Nintendo Switch (EU&NA).

Sir Lancelot Du Lac, Morgana Le Fey, and Mary Kelly track down Jack the Ripper in a poignant and complex adventure with strikingly realistic graphics and a fantastic voice cast.

Play as legendary characters Sir Lancelot Du Lac and Fey (Morgan Le Fey), and May Kelly, as they track down a dangerous serial killer in Whitechapel, who will soon become the most notorious of all time. Travel to a more real-life Victorian London and examine historic crime scenes. Combine Du Lac's detective skills, Fey's keen senses in canine form, and Mary's psychic powers to investigate, collect clues, and determine the Ripper's next move.

In addition to a stellar voice cast featuring the talented Perdita Weeks, Gareth David-Lloyd and Alexandra Roach, Dance of Death: Du Lac and Fey features an original soundtrack by renowned composers Jools Scott and Jeff Rona and a screenplay written by Philip Huxley and BAFTA Breakthrough Brit winner Jessica Saunders.

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  • The atmosphere of Victorian London shaken by Jack the Ripper murderers
  • 3 uniquely empowered playable characters: The knight Sir Lancelot Du Lac, the cursed dog-like witch Morgan Le Fey and the Ripper's latest victim, Mary Kelly.
  • Innovative gameplay combining the characters' investigative abilities
  • Fully playable with the controller on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.
  • Historically accurate crime scenes and authentic locations in 19th century London and Whitechapel.
  • Beautiful environments, characters, and cinematics
  • A stellar cast of voice actors, including Perdita Weeks (Kira from Ready Player One), Gareth David-Lloyd (Solas from Dragon Age), and Alexandra Roach (Carrie from Black Mirror).
  • An intense storyline from award-winning writers Philip Huxley (Batman: Arkham Knight and Battlefield) and Britain's Jessica Saunders (BAFTA Breakthrough).
  • An immersive soundtrack by world-renowned composers Jools Scott (Flanders Remembers St Pauls Cathedral) and Jeff Rona (God of War, Devil May Cry 5).

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