Press release

Free-to-play prequel for Thief Simulator VR (Meta Quest 2) available now on App Lab!

An introductory chapter of the top selling Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street for Meta Quest 2 is shared by the developers - 3R Games via App Lab for free. In the Prologue players discover the story of a small-time burglar's escape from prison, before he started working for the Lombari family on the outside.

Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street was released on July 7. 2022 and since its premiere it occupies the 50 Top Selling games list of Meta Quest platform, with over 2000 reviews and 85% positive score. Since the release the game has got 11 updates, two big DLCs - Richie R. Street and The Motel maps and three skin packs. The whole story includes:

  • over 60 missions on 7 maps;
  • 17 mini-games (e.g. lockpicking, safe cracking, car stealing & disassembly, hacking, climbing, alarms disabling + more);
  • 7 cars to hijack and disassembly;
  • 54 skins (crowbars, gloves, tablets, watches, bagpacks, flashlights).

Thief Simulator VR: Prologue shares the “escape from prison” story of the main protagonist, before he arrives at the Greenview Street neighborhood and starts his thieving career. The chapter was released free-to-play as a gift for the Thief Sim VR Quest community and as an incentive for new players to step into burglar’s shoes without the fear of being caught red-handed in the real world.