Press release

Accidental launch of Genotype on PSVR2 today!

The FPS adventure is in good shape despite an early release.

Initially scheduled to launch on April 4, Genotype was instead made available in PSVR2 stores today.

The PSVR2 version of Genotype took months to build and comes with HDM haptics (not available on Meta Quest platforms).

Genotype was luckily ready for launch, but missing a few fixes, but according to CEO Bo Bennekov, Genotype is in “good shape.” It will receive a hot patch no later than April 6. Players experiencing problems should direct questions to the Bolverk Games Discord server, where a dev or the community is ready to help with any inquiries.

Due to the unexpected store presence, the presentation text was faulty, and some of the usual contents were missing. The faulty text has now been removed, and a fully equipped store page is expected next week.  

The debacle also means that no streamers, influencers, or reviewers have feedback ready, as no game keys are available yet.

It is unclear what happened to let players explore the abandoned research facility in Antarctica two weeks sooner than planned, but fans should be delighted to take on many monsters and bosses, considering the game recently received a rather large combat update.

                  Screenshot from Genotype on PSVR2

The game
In Genotype, you explore an Antarctic research base overrun by monstrous beasts, wielding high-tech gloves that print living organisms you can use as weapons and survival tools.

  • Print creatures and use them as weapons to fight off aggressive beasts.
  • Transform into other beings to move through vents, and use them as tools to clear environmental obstructions.
  • Upgrade your creatures' DNA to enhance their capabilities, and customize your GRAID gloves to increase your survival chances.
  • Enjoy high-fidelity graphics that take full advantage of the Meta Quest platforms' graphical potential.
  • Immerse yourself in an emotional narrative with fully voice-acted characters.
  • Dive into a world with truly alien sound design and atmospheric synth-scapes.

You play as Evely, an intern at an Antarctic weather station. During a routine expedition, Evely falls through the ice into the mysterious Snowdrop Initiative laboratories. Luckily, the facility's last human survivor, William, can guide her to save herself — and the entire planet.

The Studio
Bolverk Games is an award-winning indie studio based in Denmark focused on VR games and software. We were among the first to realize how VR gaming could be more than a novelty, and we are still at the forefront of a growing market, always exploring VR’s potential.

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