What's all this, then?

The original Games Press websitehas served the games industry without missing a beat** since its launch way back in 2000. As web design trends have come and gone it has remained resolutely true true to its retro roots, a reassuring constant in a scary, fast-moving world.

But, in the same way that a vintage claret won’t keep in the cellar forever, a website born in the era of the Nokia 3310, GeoCities and the Dreamcast must eventually move with the times.

To this end we introduce:


It’s the same as before…

You’ll be relieved to find that the new Games Press site includes all the features you depend on every day: press releases, a release schedule and our legendary PR contacts directory. Plus, rather than risk triggering a general panic, we’ve retained the old site’s soothing purple ambience along with its selection of default system fonts that everyone else stopped using in about 1996.

…but better!

So, what’s actually new?
  • You’ve now got filters allowing you to rifle through announcements by genre, platform and what have you.
  • Assets can be downloaded from right there beside the press release, in the modern style.
  • Likewise, the game and company pages: everything’s right there on the page, rather than on a different page.
  • Languages are now supported better, so no more excitedly clicking on an announcement only to find it’s written in Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform.
  • Games Press Elite users will discover a magnificent set of new tools for uploading their announcements and maintaining their company pages.
  • It works on mobile phones, sort of.
Those are the main things, and there are further enhancements in the pipeline.

Points to consider

  • Your login from the old site should work equally well on the new site: there’s no need to re-register.
  • The new site is officially a ‘beta’ (basically, our catch-all excuse for anything that might go wrong), so you’ll have to bear with us as we tidy up loose ends.
  • You’ll continue to receive your Games Press Digest email from the old site for now. There’s a new-look digest on the way!

I love it!/hate it! (delete as applicable)

We reckon the new site is a sizeable improvement over the old one, but we also appreciate that no one likes change, and we fully expect there to be wailing and gnashing of teeth as our hardened regulars discover we’ve forgotten to include some obscure but essential feature they’ve come to rely on. So (and this is really important): you must not suffer in silence. Please do let us have your thoughts on the new site, whether they’re bug reports, feature requests or even, heck, compliments. Look, here’s a button that connects you directly with our headquarters:
Give us your feedback!

There’s still time

For now, old-school Games Press will remain online, and we'll continue to upload everything to both sites, so you can flit back and forth between the two at will. But we also hereby serve notice that the old site will retire imminently, so you’re encouraged to make the move sooner rather than later…  

*Actually, there was briefly an earlier, even worse version which even the Wayback Machine seems to have drawn a veil over.
**Yes, all right, apart from that time during E3 2004. Sorry again.


Things that are younger than Games Press (2000)

  • YouTube (2005)
  • The iPhone (2007)
  • The Nintendo GameCube (2001)
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)
  • Hear'Say (2001)
  • The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (2002)