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Survive Against the Horde in Abalon’s Latest Major Update

Construct traps, raise troops and blast spells to make this horrific night a delight.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States - October 12th, 2023 11AM MT - D20Studios today launches Abalon: Horde Survival, its 8th major update since launch. Horde Survival introduces a new gameplay mode where players choose their team and spells before going into battle to make their final stand against the horde.


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Abalon is a fantastical turn-based tactics game where your magical spells are represented by a deck of cards you choose to suit your favorite strategies.


Abalon Horde Survival Game Mode Features:

  • 45 Minute Runs allow players to cut right into the strategy of building their team upfront so you can learn fast and live or die to fight another day.

  • 8 Waves of Horrific Enemies include withered beings that transmogrify their victims into copies of themselves, vampires that can hypnotize your allies and bend them to their will, and scavenging horrors that feed on carrion and grow to gigantic proportions.

  • Satchel Supplies include potions to recover health and spells as well as traps and walls players that can be placed to fortify defenses. Players start with a small supply and can earn more from defeating monsters. But you’ll have to risk entering the mob of monsters to get them.

  • Raise an Army by playing spells to summon elementals, dragons, immortal cats and other creatures. Unlike other game modes, units in survival mode persist across battles. 


  • Endless Mode - Complete all 8 waves and retire victoriously or continue onto endless mode. Each wave of enemies is a handcrafted encounter presenting unique combinations of diabolical units to challenge your strategies.

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Abalon is available on Steam at:

D20Studios is an indie game development studio founded in 2009 with a mission to build intrinsically satisfying, accessible games with depth. Their work has received numerous industry accolades including featuring by Apple, Amazon, Sony, PAX, Indie Megabooth, SIX, Dreamhack and multiple GOTY awards.