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Couch Monsters coming to PC

A light-hearted couch co-op physics puzzler for Steam and

Berlin - Feb. 26th, 2021 - Crunchy, Munch & Partners are happy to announce that Couch Monsters, a light-hearted couch co-op physics puzzler for two, will come to Steam (March 24th, 2021) and (April 4th, 2021) for 14.99€ / 14.99$ / 12.00£. The first week on Steam will be 33% off.

As the titular Couch Monsters players try to reach the comfy red couch in each level. While jumping and running are important, there is a third thing they can do: eating huge boxes! Each box one of the monsters eats, the other spits out and the faster a box is eaten, the faster it is spit out as well. If a monster is facing a wall or the floor while spitting, it goes flying in the opposite direction instead with whatever speed the box would have had. This proves to be very helpful, allowing the players to maneuver the boxes and themselves across the stages in a creative fashion.

Check out the trailer:

"We focused a lot on making the local component of this local co-op game as fun as possible.", said game designer Laurin Grossmann. "Players are faced with a lot of engaging puzzles and teamwork is absolutely required, but we also added many ways to tease and sabotage each other. This goofing around really lightens up and complements the thinking part. It is almost as much fun as actually solving the puzzles."

The game is mainly targeted at friends (BEST friends and the regular kind), couples, siblings and parents with their children. But anyone who enjoys an evening of puzzles and goofs can have fun with Couch Monsters!

The wishlist just went public. So dust off your couch, turn on your popcorn machine and wishlist Couch Monsters!

About the developer

Crunchy, Munch & Partners is an indie team of five based in Berlin, Germany and formed around Couch Monsters. The game started in april 2019 as a student project in the Game Design program at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. After the prototype won first place in the category "Young Talent - Best prototype" at the German Games Award 2020 and was lauded for it‘s high focus on tight co-op gameplay the developers decided to turn Couch Monsters into a fully fledged game.

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