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Circadian City’s First Major Early Access Update Now Available

Circadian City, the 24/7 life sim about building relationships in the day and developing personality in surreal dreams at night from publisher Way Down Deep and developer Nowhere Studios, has received its first major Steam Early Access update, bringing it to v0.6 with additional features and content.

This update adds:
  • Another zone to the dreamworld with new resources, crafting tables and items
  • A new dreamworld NPC offering fresh quests
  • A happiness metric boosting gains in friendships, romance, and hobbies
  • More quests for existing characters
  • A community-driven overhaul to the English language localization

Another update next week will bring Observant vs. Intuitive personality tracks with nine new personality traits each. Features already implemented since the start of Steam Early Access include addictions and enhanced player character customization options.

A new trailer shows off today’s added features and content in action. It also displays visual improvements helping bring the city to life such as background NPCs bustling about their days.

Trailer Link:

Get the Steam Early Access version of Circadian City for Windows and Mac at a price of $11.99 USD. Circadian City will come to Nintendo Switch alongside the v1.0 release.

Localizations are available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), and Portugese (Brazil).


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About Way Down Deep

This boutique Texas publisher aims to bring to life meaningful and non-violent games set in the real world based on love and life experiences.

About Nowhere Studios

Based out of Istanbul, Nowhere Studios is a diverse team of developers looking to change the world’s perception of games by creating stories conveying positive messages that can bring people together around a peaceful and inclusive culture.