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Rogue Spirit 40% Off During Steam Summer Sale Ahead of July 7 Update

Today on June 23rd, Rogue Spirit, the anime-inspired 3D rogue-lite action game published by 505 Games and developed by Kids With Sticks, a small team of gamedev veterans with experience on The Witcher 2, Dying Light, and Hellraid: The Escape, is available for £5.95 at a 40% discount courtesy of Steam’s Summer Sale, running from now until July 7th, 2022. Additionally, Rogue Spirit will launch into 1.0 on Steam and come to consoles next year. 

Rogue Spirit’s Early Access includes the first ten procedurally generated levels within five different biomes, all rendered in gorgeous 3D art inspired by Studio Ghibli films. On July 7th, the upcoming v0.95 update introduces the following: 
  • New character skills 
  • New Ghost Spirit Puzzles
  • New Run Modifiers
  • Challenge-Based Objectives
  • Hard Mode for daring players 
 This vibrant rogue-lite adventure is available now on Steam Early Access for £9.95 thanks to the 40% Steam Summer Sale discount, with further ad-hoc discounts applied between July 7th and July 14th.  

Rogue Spirit will be available for the standard price of £15.99 after July 14th.  

June 23 - Steam Summer Sale Begins [6:00 am PT/9:00 am ET/14:00 pm BST 
July 7 - Early Access v0.95 Update Launch [6:00 am PT/9:00 am ET/14:00 pm BST 

Purchase Rogue Spirit at a 40% discount during Steam’s Summer Sale by visiting the game's store page. 
Developer: Kids With Sticks 
Publisher: 505 Games 

For additional information please contact: 
Niall De’Ath 
Matthew Holden-Williams 
Lauren Newman