Games Press news RSS feed The latest news from Games Press en-GB Games Press Dogworld Physical released for Switch planned for next week. How's this for a treat? We're proud to announce our partnership with Lateralis with a release of their pawsome monochrome action-adventure game  Dogworld , available in physical form for the first time on the Nintendo Switch ™... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 18:00:00 +0100 SMITE: Battleground of the Gods Crossover event with Transformers means gods must fight against massive metal monsters. ATLANTA – OCTOBER 22 – This November, worlds will collide with the TRANSFORMERS x SMITE crossover event, revealed today through a cinematic trailer at Pulse Con, Hasbro’s virtual fan event. Autobots and Decepticons from Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS franchise are coming to the battleground of the video game SMITE , created by Titan Forge Games and published by Hi-Rez... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 17:47:58 +0100 Haunted: A Slip Story "Interactive weird fiction collection" title heads to next week. 2021-10-22 -   Haunted: A Slip Story , an interactive weird fiction collection game about designing and building haunted houses, comes out 25 October on Haunted: A Slip Story   is an interactive weird fiction collection game from Robert J Gannon... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 17:18:12 +0100 TIGA UK Games Education Awards 2021 Prepare to be schooled on who winners are. TIGA, the trade association representing the UK’s video games industry, today revealed the winners of the TIGA UK Games Education Awards 2021 in a virtual ceremony.  TIGA’s awards recognise outstanding students, education providers and best practice... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 16:57:47 +0100 The Cycle: Frontier Closed beta made just a teensy bit longer. BERLIN – Oct. 22, 2021 – The closed beta for YAGER’s new high-stakes survival shooter The Cycle: Frontier has been going on since the beginning of October, and the revamped PvPvE multiplayer game is not only convincing new players to check it out, but also making a big mark with Twitch viewers... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 16:56:39 +0100 Molasses Flood and CD PROJEKT Group Makers of 'Drake Hollow' become part of the latter's collective. CD PROJEKT announces the acquisition of US-based developer, The Molasses Flood. Founded in Boston in 2014 by Bioshock , Halo , and Guitar Hero & Rock Band series veterans, The Molasses Flood is known for survival and base-building games The Flame in the Flood and Drake Hollow ... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 16:55:18 +0100 Wizard's Brew Alexa game designed to be used with Echo Show and Fire TV. Toronto, Canada - This Halloween, Amazon Alexa users will be whisked away to the world of Wizard's Brew! Available now, Wizard's Brew is the latest release from Toronto gaming studio The Parlor Walls, creators of acclaimed Amazon Alexa skills including Detective X and Nine Lives Trivia... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 16:34:33 +0100 Carrion Feast on today's PlayStation version news. Phobia Game Studio et  Devolver Digital  ont libéré la bête ! L’expérience horrifique  CARRION , largement acclamée par la critique, sème désormais son chaos sur PlayStation 4 et PlayStation 5. L’épidémie s’est propagée instantanément après un simple billet sur le  Blog PlayStation  !... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 16:28:08 +0100 Zombo Buster Rising Out now. Shoot zombies from a terrace like a boss! Zombo Buster Rising brings you a nostalgic experience of classic 2D side shooting-defense in the enhanced build! Zombo Buster Rising includes challenging achievements, two AI-Assisted NPCs, three super abilities, various upgrades and Survival mode... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 16:18:26 +0100 Mother of All Secrets "RPG of mythical intrigues and occult mysteries" sounds right up our alley for next year. October 21, 2021 — International publisher 101XP and Sever Studio are happy to announce Mother of All Secrets , an RPG of mythical intrigues and occult mysteries.   Become a young ward at an old and remote orphanage... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 15:41:40 +0100 AppGallery Huawei to continue supporting game creators get their titles into the public eye at its developer conference. Today at its at annual Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC 2021) , Huawei reaffirmed its commitment to helping developers drive innovation, disruption and business expansion, offering new tools and technologies to empower them to create new and unique experiences for gamers globally... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 14:46:53 +0100 Legion TD 2 Biggest update since launch greeted with open arms by legion of loyal fans. Tampa, FL, October 22nd - Legion TD 2 has officially released its first major post-launch update . Sequel to one of Warcraft III’s most famed mods and having been successfully Kickstarted in 2016, over 125,000 players have now taken up arms to defend their King since its launch on 1st October 2021... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 14:40:28 +0100 One Military Camp Build an academy, train up your troops, then send them into battle. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Barcelona, Spain - October 19th, 2021   One Military Camp is the new game project under development by Abylight Barcelona , and published by Abylight Studios , and today opens its Steam wishlist [link to shop] to new players... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 14:23:26 +0100 Cotton 100% Another textile-filled title available to pre-order this weekend. Stuttgart, October 22nd 2021 - The birthday celebration is almost coming to a close with Cotton 100% . Strictly Limited Game s will open pre-orders for physical Limited and Collector’s Editions, starting October 24th at 12 AM (midnight) CEST, exclusively at the Strictly Limited Games store !... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 14:20:00 +0100 HOST Esports Studio Launching at the UK's MediaCity tomorrow, which handily happens to be World Esports Day. The HOST Esports Studio is the first of its kind to launch in the heart of MediaCity to offer a dedicated training space for local esports teams and bootcamps, focused on fostering future gaming talent and supporting the development of the esports and XR immersive community in the North West... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 14:18:00 +0100 The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Cinematic horror-fest set in war-torn Iraq launches today. SANTA CLARA, Calif., (October 22, 2021) – Leading video game publisher and developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today released the latest cinematic horror experience in The Dark Pictures Anthology series, The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes ... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 14:16:00 +0100 The Scottish Esports League Season 4 (SEL4) Next month's four-day extravaganza in Dundee to involve a "futuristic" private 5G network. - Ticket free-for-all: gaming enthusiasts can snap up chance to witness Scotland’s top players battle in Silicon Glen as sell-out crowds are welcomed back to the country’s arenas - - Blockbuster grand finals event facilitated by the Tay Cities Deal which aims to enhance career opportunities in... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 14:14:08 +0100 JD and Pokémon GO 300 new PokéStops across the UK and Europe; Nike-inspired avatar items. FRIDAY 22ND OCTOBER ● JD and Pokémon GO create 300 new PokéStops across the UK and Europe ● Avatar items inspired by JD-exclusive Nike apparel can be collected in the game  ● JD x Pokémon GO launches Friday, 22 October  JD has teamed up with Pokémon GO to create 300 new PokéStops across the UK and Europe and provide exclusive avatar items inspired by Nike apparel... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 14:11:19 +0100 Mutazione Something to write home about as 'Penpal' mode added for free. LOS ANGELES, Calif. - October 22, 2021 - Copenhagen-based developer Die Gute Fabrik, and publisher Akupara Games released a free content update to commemorate the second anniversary of the IGF award-winning title Mutazione , now available on Apple Arcade, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 14:04:02 +0100 Westwood Shadows First-person horror puzzle-adventure looms unnervingly on the horizon. Westwood Shadows is a first-person, puzzle-solving survival horror game. Peter Bennet, a police detective, is dragged into a surreal, terrifying, and emotional journey through his abandoned hometown. The Prologue of Westwood Shadows was released on Steam and is currently rated with 83% as Very Positive, by the players... Fri, 22 Oct 2021 13:57:38 +0100