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BONITO DAYS Takes Flight On Nintendo Switch Today

Chill out and take flight to an endless summertime vibe

Cornwall, UK – 14 October 2021. Independent developer Studio Somewhere today launched its relaxing multiplayer game Bonito Days on Nintendo Switch. Developed by Cameron Shackleton (Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Disney Infinity) and artist Adam Westerman, Bonito Days has players soaring through 20 stages and losing themselves in nostalgic summer vibes.
Bonito Days launches today, 14 October on Nintendo Switch for $9.99 (£7.99, €8,99). Follow Studio Somewhere on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about Bonito Days.
Check out the trailer for Bonito Days here:
Take to the skies and glide your flying fish through more than 20 sun-kissed stages including the beaches of Temaki Sands and the glistening ice caps of Narwhal Station. Play ‘Target Test’ and land your fish on their distant goal, or ‘Sweet Rush’, where players will soar through the skies, collecting sweets and discovering hidden paths while chilling to a selection of forgotten Japanese city-pop classics.
Listen to the Bonito Days soundtrack sampler here:
Bonito Days features:

  • A relaxing gaming environment to be enjoyed solo or with friends
  • A vibrant aesthetic, nostalgic for long summer days
  • Free-flowing momentum based gliding and rolling controls
  • Easy to pick up and play gameplay
  • Japanese City-Pop licensed and original soundtrack

About Studio Somewhere
Studio Somewhere is a small indie team based in Cornwall with over 10 years of combined industry experience. We have worked on both critically and commercially successful games, as well as working with global IP’s on AAA games. Collectively we have worked on four shipped titles. Bonito Days was developed in association with Falmouth Launchpad.
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