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A NEW Rank 3X3 Summer Season Begins for 3on3 FreeStyle

Irvine, California, July 21, 2021 – Joycity announces the new Rank 3X3 2021 Summer Season for its popular 3on3 FreeStyle, a free-to-play street basketball game for consoles and PC.

Rank 3X3 is a mode where all buff effects such as the ability card, pet, or food buffs don’t affect the gameplay. This means only the player’s skill and character’s own attributes matter in a Rank 3X3 match. Unlike previous seasons, the new season is shortened to 2 weeks. Due to the reduced season schedule, Joycity expects fierce competition to come from players aiming for the coveted SSS rank this season.

With the new Rank 3x3 summer season, a summer-themed BINGO event is arriving with the update. Players can log into the game, daily and acquire BINGO tickets by playing 3on3 mode matches. When filling every slot on the BINGO card is complete, players can acquire sky blue colored tank top outfit sets along with many other BINGO themed rewards.

The recent character addition, Camila, is also receiving a balance adjustment with the update. Camila’s Free Up Space skill originally needed at least 2 opponents outside of the 3-point line to be activated. Based on player feedback, this skill requirement is difficult to fulfill during an actual match. The requirement was adjusted to require that only 1 opponent needs to be outside of the 3-point line. The changes for Camila also include an improved version of the skill command guide, for better understanding on how to control her more easily.

Please visit the official website for more information on 3on3 FreeStyle’s latest updates and events.

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