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Friday, 23 March
An iOS Hello Hero: Epic Battle Fincon
Five servers to become one ahead of spring updates.
All Mini Arcade Cabinet FunStock
Atari-licensed Centipede in a 1/6th scale arcade cabinet, available to pre-order now.
PC Wrongworld Sludj
"Surreal and unforgiving" survival game traps us in a low poly craftable world.
All Texasholdem3D Tobiga
Blockchain-based poker game to launch ICO on April 3rd.
iOS The Room: Old Sins NetEase
Hopefully you can make room for the latest in NetEase's puzzle series.
iOS Crazy Defense Heroes Animoca Brands
Collectible card tower defense launches on the App Store.
PC PS4 XO Dead by Daylight Behaviour
8 new survivors, 8 new killers, 11 new maps, 8 new locations.
NS PC PS4 XO The Adventure Pals Armor Games
Rally your chums round to play this in April.
Mac PC PS4 XO Lethal League Fanatical
Free at the moment on the Fanatical store.
An PC International Space Station Tour VR The House of Fables
The only difference between this and being in real space is people can still hear you scream.
Thursday, 22 March
An iOS Rampage: AR Unleashed Trigger
Monster movie spin-off augmented reality app created by Trigger, with the film itself out next month.
An iOS Mac PC Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Blizzard
Peter Whalen (lead initial designer) discusses the 'Echo' keyword today.
All Assets Rising Star Games
All Ubisoft in India and Ukraine Ubisoft
Ubidevelopment studios Ubistarted up in both Ubicountries.
All Promised Land Art Festival 2018 CD Projekt RED
Heading back to the holy creative city of Łódź in Poland this September.
Fans will have been waiting for the 'Kooky Chocobo' mount for aeons.
PC PS4 XO Gravel Square Enix
'Ice and Fire' DLC kills off all its main characters and ... oh, wait, wrong Ice & Fire.
An iOS NS Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san Arc System Works
Well, naturally it has been ported to Switch.
Mac Sid Meier's Civilization VI Aspyr Media
'Rise and Fall' has now risen on Mac and Linux.
Mac PC Orwell: Ignorance is Strength Osmotic Studios
Final episode completes the set, full product now out.
Multi Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series Telltale Games
Which Joker will you have, a friendly one or an antagonistic one?
PS4 Time Carnage Wales Interactive
PS VR should find the time to play retail copies come April 6th.
All The Curse of Monkey Island
Third in comedy adventure series finally makes it back into the land of the living.
An iOS Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War Joycity Corporation
March contains an update.
PC PS4 XO Defiance 2050 Trion Worlds
Closed beta starts next month.
PC Cycle 28 Pill Bug Interactive
Oh, there's a 'review round-up' trailer somewhere...
PS4 XO Impact Winter Bandai Namco
Winter is coming to consoles ... on April 5th.
3DS NS Wii WiiU Nintendo US download highlights Nintendo
This week we've got 'Detective Pikachu' and 'The Alliance Alive' on 3DS and 'Outlast 2' on Switch.
PC PS4 XO Star Trek Online Perfect World Europe
(French press release about 'Victory is Life'.)
PS4 XO ACA NeoGeo Waku Waku 7 Hamster Co.
Feels like it is 1996 all over again.
NS ACA NeoGeo World Heroes 2 Jet Hamster Co.
Feels like it is 1994 all over again.
PC PS4 XO Q.U.B.E. 2 Toxic Games
Appearance of an 'Accolades' trailer means it went down well, yes?
PC Enoch: Underground Pay At10tention
Unearthed today on Steam.
All Spider-Man: White Spider Premium Hoodie Merchoid
All the official licensing documents have been filed and are above board ... just need you lot to buy it now.
NS PS4 Arcade Archives MOON PATROL Hamster Co.
Feels like it is 1982 all over again.
All DMarket DMarket
Version 2.0 and Steam item trading both discussed within.
An iOS Sniper Strike: Special Ops EightPixelsSquare
"Enormous" update appears.
PC Out of the Park Baseball 19 Out of the Park Developments
Now out.
An iOS MapleStory Blitz NEXON
'Zakum's Altar' update just has too much stuff for us to adequately summarise.
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